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Killer Mike Issues An Apology After Joy-Ann Reid Gathers Him ‘Like An Auntie’ (Video)

Killer Mike issues an apology after his attempt to expose Joy-Ann Reid blows up in his face and she gathers him. Get the scoop and see video.

Killer Mike - Joy-Ann Reid

There is nothing worse than someone being loud and wrong especially when they are trying to expose you.

The big homie Killer Mike collected a public “L” on Sunday after he played himself while trying to expose Joy-Ann Reid.

You may recall Joy-Ann called Mike out after his interview with the NRA was released.

Killer Mike - NRA

When he Joy-Ann mention H&M on her Instagram page, Mike jumped at the chance to clapback at her by accusing her of supporting the clothing store we canceled over the monkey hoodie. Unfortunately, the H&M she was referring to was hair and makeup.


Killer Mike commented:

Killer Mike -Joy-Ann Reid

Joy-Ann Reid gathered him like a struggling ponytail when she responded:

Joy-Ann Reid - Killer Mike

Mike took to Twitter to apologize and finessed an interview with Joy-Ann to discuss his stance on gun ownership.


Mike also went live on IG to speak on his faux pas:



When keeping it real goes wrong….

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