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Kelly Rowland Says She ‘Accidentally’ Liked A Comment Slamming Ciara’s Maternity Shoot

Kelly Rowland took to social media to set the record straight after she “accidentally” liked a comment on Instagram that slammed Ciara’s maternity shoot with Harper’s Bazaar.

Russell Wilson - Ciara - Future Zahir - Harper's Bazaar

Kelly Rowland Sets The Record Straight About Ciara’s Maternity Photo

Kelly Rowland took to social media to set the record straight after she “accidentally” liked a comment on Instagram that slammed Ciara‘s maternity shoot with Harper’s Bazaar.

The photo, which shows a topless Ciara holding her naked son, while Russell Wilson kneels behind her and holds her baby bump was definitely caused quite a bit of chatter online.

Some loved the photo and others felt it was inappropriate.

One of our ICCers commented:

This is beautiful…A husband..wife..child.and baby…All in class and taste…I guess some ppl just don’t get some art…It would be the same as a painting…Ppl if you all travel the world get out of that box you all would see this is not about sex…

While another ICCer wasn’t here for it at all.

Kid is too big to be skin touching in the nude. Why is she topless? You cannot see her husband face.. Tasteless photo.

Kelly garnered some unwanted attention when she liked a comment on IG that read:

This is not a cute pic.. sorry…it’s no different that the one with the check and her little boy…why must everyone prove a point by being in your bday suit…

The singer went on record saying it was an accident.

This pic of my dear friend and her beautiful family makes my heart smile, I can’t believe
how anyone would actually think I would “like” a negative comment about a woman I look at as a great Mom, awesome wife, and A sweetheart of a friend! Accidents do happen, and this new “❤/like feature is WHACK.


Out of all of the comments to accidentally like…

I’m glad Kells cleared that up.

Your thoughts?

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