KeKe Wyatt Tries To Have Fun In Hawaii While Her Baby Is Hospitalized


KeKe Wyatt baby hospitalized


KeKe Wyatt found herself between a rock and a hard place after learning her baby boy had been hospitalized after arriving in Hawaii to shoot “R&B Divas.”

The singer shared a photo of her precious baby with an IV in his arm and thanked her brother for looking after her child in her absence.


KeKe Wyatt baby hospitalized

KeKe Wyatt baby hospitalized


While many of Keke Wyatt‘s fans (including myself) immediately sent a prayer up for her baby, others voiced their concerns as to why she wasn’t on the first thing smoking back to Atlanta to see about her child. Especially after Keke said she was trying to have fun in Hawaii knowing her baby was in the hospital.

KeKe Wyatt baby hospitalized

I don’t know the seriousness of why KeKe’s baby had to be treated (which may have influenced her decision not to rush back home), but I do know if it were me…”R&B Divas” would have had to use a Xavi hologram for that episode!

Send a prayer up for Baby Wyatt for a speedy recovery.

Photo: Keke

  • Mel

    That little boy is adorable. I think most mothers would be by their child’s bed… But, maybe she has her reasons.