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#JusticeForLuz: Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed 4-Year-Old Luz Gonzalez Not Charged, Says She’s ‘Completely Broken’ & Wants To Speak To The Family

Driver who killed 4-year-old Luz Gonzalez has not been charged and is reportedly “completely broken” over the tragedy. Get the scoop.

4-year-old Luz Gonzalez

More devastating news out of New York….

The hit-and-run driver, who ran over and killed 4-year-old Luz Gonzalez in front of a Brooklyn laundromat and then drove off, has not been charged.

The driver, Jeannette Maria, is reportedly “completely broken” over the incident and now wants to speak with Luz’s family.

Via NY Daily News:

The accident happened on Hart St. near Wyckoff Ave. outside Bushwick’s Heaven Scent Laundry after the child lost a shoe while riding her scooter.

“She told me, ‘Mommy I lost my shoe,’ ” Reyna Candia said. “She went back and grabbed the shoe, and I sat down with her to put (it) on, on the sidewalk.”

The 38-year-old driver then backed up before lurching forward out of the spot, striking Luz and her mother with the passenger-side front bumper, police said.

The little girl was crushed under the SUV’s front and rear passenger-side tires.

Police have not charged Jeannette Maria with a crime for running over the little girl and injuring her 39-year-old mother.

According to police, Maria, who left the scene, was unaware she’d hit anyone.

Reyna said, “She had to know! I want her to pay. The person who did this, she has to pay.”

“When the time is right she’ll say something. She is completely broken,” said a man identifying himself as a family friend of 38-year-old Jeannette Maria, who sources say was behind the wheel when Sunday’s tragedy occurred.

“She doesn’t really know what happened,” the man said in Spanish. “She wants to talk to them, the family, when the time comes.”

There are rumors circulating that claim Jeannette Maria is allegedly related to a New York Police Department sergeant who got her off the hook.

There are also rumors that claim the NYPD threatened to call ICE on Reyna if she pursues justice for her daughter.

Cyn Santana took to social media to share how she is deeply impacted by this tragedy.


As a daughter of immigrant parents this story really infuriated me. As shown in surveillance footage, 4 year old Luz was ran over by careless driver Jeanette Maria. Maria’s car noticeably bounced when exiting a laundromat while Luz’s mother was tying her shoe. The driver sped off and claims she didn’t “feel anything”. Police ruled this as an accident and the driver was not charged. She was not charged because she apparently knows someone in the system. They’re now threatening Luz’s mom in regards to her immigration status. A mother is afraid to fight for her OWN DAUGHTER. THIS. IS. NOT. FAIR. Immigrant or not a child lost their life!!! Accident or not, the driver didn’t do the responsible thing. She should face the consequences anyone else would! Please help me spread awareness. I want to help this family anyway I can ??✨ click the hashtag for more information #justiceforluz

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This Is America.

Justice For Luz! ?

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