Jaden Smith Is Following In His Daddy’s Footsteps

Jaden Smith is definitely following in the footsteps of his father. You may have heard of him….some dude from Philly named Will Smith. Jaden has gotten his acting career popping and is starring in the 2010 remake of the cult classic, “The Karate Kid”. Bless his nether region! He deserves an Oscar nod for that kick alone! (pictured above)
Jaden was bit by the rapping bug too when he jumped in the booth on a recent collaboration with Justin Bieber. The song titled “Never Say Never” is for The Karate Kid soundtrack. Jaden is too cute as he spit his lil rhyme all swagged out. LOL Check out the video after the break and also see the trailer for The Karate Kid. The movie hits theaters on June 11th. 

Doesn’t Jaden look like Riley from the Boondocks?