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HOLD UP SIS: Whoopi Goldberg Schools Mo’Nique On ‘The View’ (Video)

Watch as Whoopi Goldberg schools Mo’Nique about promoting films she signs on to do during her visit to “The View.”

Whoopi Goldberg - Mo'Nique - The View

Mo’Nique stopped by “The View” on Thursday to continue her campaign against Netflix for low-balling her on her stand-up special.

But, Whoopi Goldberg had to pump Mo’s brakes when she began talking about how she didn’t promote Precious because she wasn’t paid to do so.

Whoopi reminded her that once you sign a contract for a film, it is your duty to promote that film and see the project all the way through.

Mo’Nique ended her segment by saying her family has suffered for 8 years because Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate bullied her and took away her livelihood.

Watch below.



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  1. Keena Hairlife says

    She sound very creditable and while I don’t have Netflix I do stand with her… At what point do you say no to being used… she is can pull in more than a half million? And Why not give her more to travel overseas & etc?

  2. Kacie James says

    The name “Mo’nique” turns people away nowadays. I wouldn’t watch any show with her in it now. She’s not funny anymore and her out-of-character remarks have turned me and a lot of fans off.

  3. Blu Norals says

    Really feeling a lot of Respect for Monique… she literally left them speechless. The title for this video some BS.

  4. Dann says

    You want me promote overseas, but not pay me!!!!! FOH

  5. Deborah Freeland says

    I think Monique is a good actress, and comedian. But I don’t think she should have closed that door on her opportunity, regardless of how much she got paid. That door could have been a gateway to something greater.

  6. Vonda Kay says

    I agree with you too!!

  7. Vonda Kay says

    I also stand with Monique! I like her as a actress and comedian! I would have not promoted no movie and Not get paid!!! I do know one thing what goes around comes around!!!

  8. Bev says

    All actors or actresses are not paid when go on talk shows or overseas to promote a movie. Look at it like this, a door to door salesperson, somebody may or may not buying what they are selling.

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