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H&M Posts Tone Deaf Apology For Ad Of Black Child Wearing A Monkey Hoodie

H&M issues a tone deaf apology for the offensive ad of a young black child wearing a monkey hoodie. Get the scoop.

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Offensive HM Monkey Hoodie ad

H&M Addresses Offensive Ad

H&M is getting dragged to the depths of social media hell for an ad in their online U.K. store, which features a young black boy wearing a hoodie that reads, “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle.”

As you can imagine, the outrage was real and many have called for a boycott of the popular clothing brand.

To add insult to injury, H&M issued the most tone deaf apology ever by apologizing for the printed hoodie top…not for the putting said hoodie on a black child.

HM apology monkey hoodie

Shame on the child’s parents for allowing him to model this hoodie.

This is the best response I’ve seen to H&M’s ignorance:



H&M has been canceled.

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