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Florida Teens Who Mocked & Filmed Disabled Man Drowning Will Not Face Charges

The Florida teens who laughed at, mocked, and filmed Jamel Dunn, a disabled man, drowning in a pond will not face charges. 

teens film Jamel Dunn as he drowns

The Florida teens who laughed at, mocked, and filmed a disabled man drowning in a pond will not face charges.

32-year-old Jamel Dunn, drowned on July 9 in a retention pond, but his body wasn’t discovered until July 19, when a friend of his saw the video the teens recorded circulating online and sent it to the authorities.

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NY Post reports:

State Attorney Phil Archer released a statement Friday announcing his office’s decision not to criminally charge four juveniles and one adult for failing to help 31-year-old Jamel Dunn at a Cocoa retention pond last July.

Archer pointed out that no Florida law requires a person to provide emergency assistance under the facts of this case. Such a law was proposed during this year’s state legislative session but failed to pass.


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