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Fetty Wap Apologizes For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Because His Kids Are ‘Mixed’

Fetty Wap Apologizes For Saying “All Lives Matter”

Congrats Fetty…you played yourself.

Fetty Wap has issued apology after tweeting, “My kids are Mixed… #AllLivesMatter”


Fetty Wap AllLivesMatter

The Jersey rapper said he didn’t fully understand the meaning of “All Lives Matter” and he deleted it as soon as someone schooled him.

It wasn’t meant that way that’s why I deleted it. Someone explained to me the meaning behind the hashtag and I deleted it.

I apologize to a thousand ppl because I didn’t fully understand the hashtag. I’m really sorry to those I offended…on my life I would never disrespect nobody family. I ain’t better than no one I just was speaking for my kids not know the full meaning. I can take criticism, but I’m man enough to apologize.

Fetty’s apology didn’t stop him from getting dragged on Twitter:


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