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Deelishis Pops AWF After Social Media Clowns & Says Her Cakes Are Fake (Video)

Former “Flavor of Love” contestant Deelishis slams her critics after they accuse her of having a fake butt. Get the scoop and see video.


Deelishis was hot as fish grease after she posted a photo and folks on social media clowned her butt and said it was fake.

The former “Flavor of Love” contestant went on a profanity-laced rant as she slammed her critics and went on record saying the only thing fake is her breasts.

See the clip below courtesy of TSR.


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Her butt is her business – I don’t care if it’s silicone or silly putty.

I was more disturbed by the fact that she conducted that entire filthy rant in front of her beautiful young daughter.



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