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Dallas Police Detains ‘Stalker’ Found Trespassing At Erykah Badu’s Home, Singer Says It Was ‘A White Kid Who Made A Bad Decision’ (Video)

Man Detained Trespassing At Erykah Badu's Home

Man Detained Trespassing At Erykah Badu’s Home

On New Year’s Day, Dallas police detained a man who was found trespassing at Erykah Badu‘s home.

News reports claim the singer called the man a “stalker.”




Erykah took to Instagram on Tuesday night to set the record straight regarding the incident.

Apparently, some outlets reported the man broke into her home and embellished the story for shock value.

According to Erykah, it was a Twitter fan who was “sweet” on her. He caught a flight from Detroit and made his way to her neighborhood.

She went on to say he asked her neighbors if they knew where she lived. Erykah said once he got to her house, he realized he had made a bad decision and left.

Watch below.


I’m glad she’s okay. You can never underestimate someone’s crazy.

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