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Comedian Luenell Shares Her Powerful Testimony: ’20 Years Ago I Was Convicted & Sentenced On An Embezzlement Charge’

Comedian and actress Luenell shares her power testimony in an effort to give her fans hope. Get the scoop.

Comedian Luenell Shares Her Powerful Testimony

Luenell Shares Her Testimony

I’ve always been a Luenell fan, but I think I love her just a little bit more after she shared her powerful testimony with her fans.

The actress and comedian posted a photo of her wristband and Inmate Vending Card from when she was incarcerated and shared her journey from being in a jail cell to becoming a successful comedian to inspire her fans.

See her full post below.

A post shared by Luenell Campbell (@luenell) on

20 yrs ago I was convicted and sentenced to months on End n county Jail at Twin Towers Correctional Facility on an embezzlement charge. (I robbed the bank I worked at?). I was separated from my 19 month old daughter. I was crying every day. ?I was extradited fr the Bay Area to Los Angeles. I was a disappointment to my Family. I was trash. I thought I would Never get out. I thought Surely they would loose my paperwork. The food sucked and the showers were even worse. Only prayer and the love of my friends got me thru. @renelsfvoyce @misslaurahayes @edwondasworld @whoscarmilla The Lawson Family, Marsha, Liz, Ann, Dessie….All my Oakland Comic Friends, Geoffrey Pete, Sweet Jimmie, Chuck Johnson And my Soul Beat Family, my Baby Daddy and His family.

Well, I DID get released. B 4 I even went to c my kid, tha homie Janet Lewis/White took me to c @guytorry and I got on stage at The Comedy Store’s Phat Tuesday and I vented. Vented about my crime, my strip searches and my time I had just done. I got a standing ovation?? I took a Deep breath and I made it my Biz to NEVER get locked up again! ??‍♂️??‍♀️ I grinded. I studied. I pounded the pavement. I WON! Oh, I’m no @iamwandasykes or @kevinhart4real but I’m FREE! Free of fear. Free of stress. Free of Hunger and cold. You can DO it! You can WIN! I feel Great about my life now and old habbits don’t die easy. I know. It takes Work to do the right thing but just chk out my NEXT Post to c what I mean! Be strong! Don’t fuk it Up! Keep your head to the sky??. STAY PRAYED UP!??You can DO it! I believe in you…..??

I so appreciate Luenell for being transparent.

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