Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Aggravated Assault


Chrissy Lampkin arrested mugshot


Lady Vamp owner and “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” star Chrissy Lampkin was arrested and charged with aggravated assaulted and disorderly conduct early Sunday morning.

According to reports, Chrissy Lampkin was arrested around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning for beating the breaks off of a female in an Edgewater, New Jersey bar after a war of words on a sofa in the VIP section escalated and got ugly really fast.

Chrissy unlucky opponent was left a bloodied mess, required stitches for a wound over her eye, and was hospitalized.

After she was booked, Jim Jones posted her bail and Chrissy Lampkin was released a few hours later. Peep Chrissy’s mugshot below courtesy of TMZ.


Chrissy Lampkin arrested mugshot


We all saw Chrissy’s work back on season 2 of “Love & Hip Hop” when she snuffed Kimbella Vanderhee out of nowhere. In case you forgot…allow me to jog your memory.



Hopefully, Chrissy doesn’t end up being Chris Brown‘s neighbor at angry rehab.


  • Karen Berry

    Go Team Chrissy!! When they get out of line check em. That’s no.1 rule of da Game.

  • Tashia Stafford

    She always talking about she wish Jim get his mind right, well what’s wrong with her mind. That fight with Kimbella Vanderhee wasn’t her fight. Starting mess with Yandy was stupid also. I think she was more jealous of her and thought she was going to turn manager. Wow look at the classy lady now, mug shot to show the daughter she wants.

  • Jamie

    She doesn’t even look like she was out at a club! No makeup on and a hoodie! Come on now…what’s really goin on and when was this pic taken? I’m not saying Chrissy don’t get down but this mugshot don’t match up with the story.

  • That Dick must not be acting right

  • kim

    Listen don’t let no body let you loose it you are better than them they jealousy because they want to be you

  • Mz. WetNRhaw B.M. Lady Raw Doggs

    Ok I have been watching Crissy from day one she remains a humble, outspoken motherly woman. On top of her game and maintains a healthy loving family. She also is very educated and knows how to be a LADY at all times. It’s like this if you say or do certain things you need to learn how to eat the words you speak and if you need help there is always someone out there to help you chew. And even with her going to jail hell her mugshot still looks better than a bunch of so called famous people cause she is still beautiful with no makeup.

  • Samantha Ruiz

    Ay dios mio.. Chrissy needs to sit her ghetto ass down.. She’s suppose to be half Cuban and she’s giving our people a bad name… We dont act like this in public.. Get it together mama.. Your wayyyyyyy to old.. That’s why she dont want kids.. Cause she’s still actn like one her damn self.. Just a disgrace!!!!!!!!!

  • impower your mind

    This is sad . You cheer her on as if you know exactly what went on. We all are/suppose to be adult. The is no reason why an adult should put there hands on another adult. You can’t handle your emotions with words then you should just walk away.

  • Gene Witt

    She’s a perfect example of what is wrong with Black women here in America: violent, loud mouth, crazy mad and angry at the world; for no reason! However, and more importantly, they’re ill equipped to raise our young black children. Meanwhile, white women are looking at this foolishness, getting paid, and TAKING their black husbands and boyfriends.

  • Sometime you have to take a look at your self and say I am the bigger person and walk away from that mess she has a lot going for her self you all should be praying for her and not saying she did the dam thing really come on she is a roll model for some of us ladies and me for one love her and love how her business have grown so next please think about it way away and pray for the person their the one who need the help Chrissy I love you keep up the good work

  • I fill so sorry for you Chrissy!! I believe you was really upset. Anyway you still my girl no matter what just take it easy ok.

  • Bree

    Bravo lets put on for the camaras smdh you a sad case n too old to b tryna fight u think u big n bad and can’t b touched but honey there’s alwAys someone bigger n badder than u and next time u pull a stunt lik tht on the wrong one u may not b so lucky to walk away from tht one js

  • Melody Mccoy

    I like Chrissy but their comes a time in life thats called growing up an out of old habbits,when we were kids we did what kids do , put away the childish stuff ,its not Lady Like.

  • lala

    Trashy mc trashcans…I’m not a fan …when you get to a certain place in life you need to conduct yourself accordingly. You want to be seen as a business woman and want to get to that next level don’t be anyones punk but I wouldn’t want to business with someone who fights in bars etc.

  • Elijah H.

    I have interview ICE CUBE Before check out my interview on youtube and now as soon as i get a chance i will interview crissy any Question and any Good ideas you guys think i should ask her?

  • Tanesia

    This is sad bc we should nt be giving her praise for what she has done. That shit is stupid and she has lost one fan. She is suppose to be a postive remodel. Now she’s a criminal. She’s to old for that. She lets people control her emotions bc only when a person Is hurt by someones words will they stoop that low to put there hands on another human being! She’s just a sad case.

  • Traum Sparkz II

    Are you grown ass women seriously condoning fighting?…This is why other races look at us in the light that they do…Unnecessary violence in a situation where she could have just walked away or even left the bar all together…Now its going to cost her money and time going back & forth to court for something she could have avoided…But I guess when you with a self proclaimed gangster you have to take on his persona…40 years old and still fighting…I wouldn’t be caught dating a female like that in my life…Such a classless act.

  • Nicole

    So sad to hear so many people support the fact that this WOMAN put someone in the hospital. It is ashame that we put so many negative perceptions about who we are as black women to our own community and to the broader world. I do pity the people who support such actions – they too are lost.

  • Mssexxc InAZ

    That’s crazy. I like Chrissy but I just feel like fighting is for people who do not have the vocabulary and or skills to articulate their issues with another person. When you have children and or grandchildren to put your self in any type of situation to be taken temporarily or permanently out of their lives is crazy.. I understand if you have to physically defend yourself but to get physical over verbal.. people have no regard for human life and don’t care about taking a human life so why risk it?? Come on Chrissy don’t let people control you like that. Ijs

  • diana Barbara

    Tacky & classless.

  • Sexyida

    She is not very classy she is running around fighting like some immature chicken head. It’s no wonder Jim Jones mother said “She is not the one” she meant Chrissy was not the one for her son. Grow up and stop acting like a ass all your life.