Charlie Bell Files Walking Papers On ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Kenya Bell

Kenya Bell-Charlie Bell - Divorce


Basketball Wives” newbie, Kenya Bell will officially meet the requirements of the show very soon because her husband, Charlie Bell has filed for divorce.

Kenya Bell-Charlie Bell - Divorce


Kenya and Charlie have been separated for quite some time, but the ish hit the fan in May of 2011 when she broke into their home and attacked Charlie with a box cutter in front of their children. “Slingblade” was charged domestic violence and assault with a dangerous weapon. The struggling aspiring singer struck a plea deal by pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence to avoid jail time.

Kenya and Charlie have two children together.


Kenya Bell has filed documents claiming Charlie is balling out of control while she and their children are in the struggle. Charlie is currently playing pro basketball in Italy and is accused of splurging unnecessarily. But, Charlie claims it’s Kenya who has been blowing money fast. Matter of fact, Kenya allegedly spent over $110,000 on plastic surgery alone.

Charlie filed a response running down a laundry list of things Kenya has blown money on:

$82,000 on a Corvette, which she drove for 3 weeks — then resold it for $61,000
$12,000 on a motorcycle
$20,000 on criminal attorneys
$150,000 on “miscellaneous expenses to get even with Mr. Bell”
$3,000 on her brother’s electric bill
$9,000 on luggage and shoes
$110,000 on plastic surgeries and expenses in L.A. for the plastic surgery trips

Charlie also says he gave Kenya $200k before heading overseas. Where’s the dough, Kenya? I know “Basketball Wives” isn’t paying you with Monopoly money. Then, again…

A judge has yet to rule in the case.