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Bobby V Claims He’s A Victim Of Extortion, Had No Idea Woman Was Transgender

Bobby V Claims He's Being Extorted

Bobby V Claims He’s Being Extorted

After his spot was blown up by a transgender prostitute, Bobby V is claiming he’s a victim of extortion.

A rep for the R&B singer says he vehemently denies the person he hooked up with over the weekend is a prostitute.

Bobby also claims the person filming him lured him in with malicious deception and misrepresentation.

Bobby’s rep tells TMZ … the R&B singer vehemently denies the person he hooked up with over the weekend was a prostitute, and says he’s now being extorted after the person filming him realized who he was.

The rep went on to say, “Misrepresentation and deception were maliciously used to target Valentino; during the encounter, Valentino was victimized and threatened by acts of extortion which continued after his departure was captured on video.”

Bobby’s rep also said he’s reported the extortion attempt to law enforcement.

Last, but certainly not least, Bobby V claims he had know idea ole girl was transgender.

I’mma let him finish…

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