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Bambi Is Done With ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ & Lil Scrappy(Video)

Bambi Is Quitting 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'

Bambi Is Quitting ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’

Welp. Not only is Bambi done with Lil Scrappy, the Prince of the South, she’s done with “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

During a recent appearance on “Raq Rants,” Bambi said she doesn’t fit the mold the show wants to portray.

I’ve condensed a few quotes below for you.

When it comes to the show…it’s just too much for me.

It doesn’t really capture what’s real for us and he [Scrappy] likes to play.

He’s not a bad person, but I just really wish we could have been able to capture the true dynamic of our relationship.

‘Love & Hip Hop’ – they want this thing to look like: either you’re a girl in there being hella messy or you’re getting cheated on, right?

I’m neither of those people. I’m not messy, I’m not sitting up talking about dumb sh*t all day long, and I’m not just being a dumb little chick that’s being cheated on.

I wouldn’t do that show again…especially with Scrap. It just doesn’t do well for me and him. He wants to be in every f**king scene, he want to be in all the mix, he’s just super like….that’s his sh*t!

Watch the clip below.


Will you miss Bambi on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?”

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