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American Express Sues Iggy Azalea For $300K Debt

American Express Sues Iggy AzaleaAmerican Express Sues Iggy Azalea

Apparently, Iggy Azalea got too “fancy” with her American Express card.

Now, AmEx is suing the defunct raptress for racking up $300,000 and ignoring the bill.

Via TMZ:

According to docs obtained by TMZ, American Express is dragging Iggy to court over a $300,000 statement … which it says is $250k more than her preset limit.

Amex wants the full amount, plus its legal fees.

We know Iggy lives large, she’s a rapper after all, but if what Amex says is true … let’s hope she still has the receipt for the fine art that set her back $12k.

Pay ya bill, sis!

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