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Actor Accuses Superstar Manager Benny Medina Of Attempted Rape

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Benny Medina Accused Of Attempted Rape

Listen Linda, Leonardo and Leroy! The day of reckoning is underway in Hollywood and nobody’s safe!

Benny Medina is the latest Hollywood heavy hitter to end up on the sexual misconduct Summer Jam screen!

The superstar manager linked to Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez has been accused of trying to rape an actor T. Ashanti Mozelle back in 2008.

Via Page Six:

While Mozelle was in the pool, Dottley claims that Medina offered to give him a tour of the home that wound up in the bedroom. “We literally got to the door and he grabbed me by the chest of my shirt and threw me onto his bed,” and “stuck his tongue down my mouth.”

Dottley, who was married to “Queer As Folk” writer Del Shores at the time, says he told Medina to stop by pointing out he was married. The more he resisted, the more aggressive Medina became.

“I’m having you,” Medina allegedly demanded as he forced him down. Dottley says “he started to cry and beg Medina to stop. But the mogul allegedly wouldn’t stop and kept repeating, ‘I’m having you! Oh, I will have you…’”

“His forearm was bearing down on my neck so hard that I don’t know how much longer I would have remained conscious,” Dottley says, claiming Medina was pulling at his pants.

Dottley was saved by Mozelle who “burst in the room and screamed something like, ‘Get off him!’. . . Benny Medina got off of me and grabbed me again by the chest of my shirt and threw me at — not to, but at — his bedroom door and all he said was, ‘You two get the f–k out of here.’”

He also alleges that Medina further tormented him, texting when he saw him on the street with Shores, “Is that the husband I have to have killed to have you?’” He replied telling Medina he was a “disgusting, horrible person and to not ever text me again.”

Lordt! Who’s next?

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