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50 Cent Says Starz Thinks He Leaked ‘Power’: ‘They Looking At Me Side-Eyed’

50 Cent takes to social media to address the three episodes of “Power” leaked online and say Starz thinks he’s responsible for it. Get the scoop.

50 Cent - Power leak - Starz

50 Cent Address ‘Power’ Leak

When three episodes of “Power” were leaked online many eyes shifted to 50 Cent.

The Executive Producer of the hit Starz drama took to social media on Saturday to say the network thinks he leaked his own show.

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He went on to say after “Game of Thrones” was leaked, they had a spike in ratings. So, now everyone is side-eyeing him.

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

50 Cent- Power leak

Last week, Starz announced they plan to swoop down on the person responsible for leaking three episodes of the show online.

Self Lender

I’m sure 50 didn’t leak the episodes, but he’d love for you to think that he did.

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